Zavy, the twins, and Caz \ o v o /-!!!


Attraction level: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ Most of it is cuteness points because he really is an adorable little guy. ]]

Love for the Character:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ Again he’s cute. Plus his hair looks so fluffy I want to hug it. ]]

How much the char has grown on me: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ I didn’t think much of him at first but I’ve really started to like him the more interactions he gets with other characters. ]]

Badassness level:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ … that’s generous. He’s too cute to be badass. ]]

How upset I’d be if the char got killed off:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ I don’t know him as well as your other characters but I’d still be miffed if you killed him. ]]



Love for the Character:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ They are both so precious. Precious babbus and I am thankful you gave them separate personalities (always afraid people will make twins that are exactly the same in every way). ]]

How much the char has grown on me: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 [[ THEIR BACKSTORY IS SO TRAGIC I JUST LOVE THOSE BBYS SO MUCH LET ME HUG THEM! ]]

Badassness level:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ Not bad. Under that kind exposure and gentleman personality they are quite the little monsters. ]]

How upset I’d be if the char got killed off:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ They are going to have a mama Lyra and a dada Gabriel with a little sister Sabrina and live happily ever after running the graveyard with their dad. Don’t ruin this for me. ]]


Attraction level: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ I swear for the longest time I thought he was like 30 and had to do a triple take. That man is fine. ]]

Love for the Character:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ Zavid is awesome. Anyone that doesn’t love him is straight. ]]

How much the char has grown on me: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ I originally really liked him - a bit biasedly for the accent - but after getting to know his character more and all that outrageous sass I just.. can’t get enough of him. ]]

Badassness level:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 [[ I’m sorry.. after all the conversations we’ve had.. princess is more of a cutie-pie than a badass. Although he is really tall. ]]

How upset I’d be if the char got killed off:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 [[ Forsake the Javid… you forsake me… ]]

Send me a character name and i’ll name…

Attraction level: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Love for the Character:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

How much the char has grown on me: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Badassness level:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

How upset I’d be if the char got killed off:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Heading out to Vacation
2:16 AM - I have resorted to drawing Lyra as a demon to keep my sanity. Gabriel seems oblivious.
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2:16 AM - I have resorted to drawing Lyra as a demon to keep my sanity. Gabriel seems oblivious.

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Noticing Jake’s sudden change of attitude, Alex turned to glance at the bed. Indeed it seemed Bo was at least somewhat awake. The conversation from the night before resurfaced in her mind, bringing out a sinking feeling with it. Right. Bo must’ve still been pretty angry at her.

Glancing at Jake, she pulled the best “please let’s even try” face she could manage. She knew he wasn’t happy with Bo and Bo wasn’t happy with him… But for now fighting would just make everyone’s situation that much more miserable.

Stopping the scrubbing for a moment, she bit her lip and stood up. With somewhat shaky steps, she stood next to the pile of blankets, watching Vi keep her post.

“Do you.. Need painkillers or food or something? I can get you some if you want…”

The hair poking out of the blankets twisted as Bo shook his head. He didn’t want anything besides another full day of sleep. A sharp pain turned in his gut and he froze, panicking for a moment. He hadn’t remembered hurting himself there, had he fallen on something? Been stabbed and forgotten about it? A growl rumbled loudly from his stomach and dissipated the fear, replacing it with his ears burning in embarrassment  It must have been at least a couple days since he’d eaten.

Slowly, his head emerged from the blankets and his eyes flickered up at Alex briefly before he offered a slight nod.

“Food would be good.” He mumbled into the edge of the blankets as his eyes wandered the room, freezing on Jake with a cold glare. The boy’s gaze lingered on the bandaged arm and a hint of amusement crept its way into his stare. He arched a brow, matching Jake’s tone evenly.

“How’s your arm?”

Kip’s eyes widened watching the mound on the bed move. The blanket.. it has life! But blankets are everywhere, have they always been alive? Wait.. he’s standing on one.. it covers Jake! It’s ATTACKING! With a terrible yip the mudkip jumped up and landed, grabbing the blanket in his paws and trying to rip it apart with his nonexistent teeth.

Jake glared at Bo, as if he would have had any other reaction to the shithead’s sass. “Oh, arm is doing great. Yeah, I can move it around completely and it’s strong enough to punch someone’s teeth out if I wanted.” Jake scoffed, settling down the mudkip with a tap to it’s back.

"I don’t know why you’d be hungry. Not like I got you food and you decided to throw it to the ground before letting that thing bite me." Sorry Alex, if you really want to solve the problem you should start with the problem, not the person trying to find a solution.

Right now, Jake isn’t too keen on dealing with the problem.



Alex was deep in thought for a moment before feeling something small fumble around at her chin. Glancing downwards, she noticed the baby mudkip performing some kind of feat of climbing at her face and couldn’t help but to smirk.

“I haven’t dealt with babies this small for such a long time. Wonder what he’s up to this ti-“

Speech was suddenly paused by a freezing sensation near the redhead’s throat. Letting out a couple of coughs in surprise, Alex picked Kip into her hand and sat up, spitting the little ice ball onto the palm of her free hand.

“Wh.. Well. How thoughtful of you. I wonder how you’d help a fractured nose by ingesting a piece of ice though…” However, not wanting to upset the baby pokemon, she flipped the small piece of ice back into her mouth and, when it had melted enough, swallowed it. Giving out a little lopsided smile, she scratched the mudkip behind his gills and put him back down onto Jake’s chest.

“Well, I guess I better try and clean some more of these bloodstains…” With a bit of a pained attempt to get up from the floor, she fetched a cloth and a bucket of water from the bathroom, beginning again to try and scrub the blood off, this time from Jake’s table.

“You don’t want blood all over your stuff, right? Not really convenient.”

The dull ache in Bo’s head had grown while he slept. He frowned on the edge of waking, opening a bleary eye and, once Alex and Jake came into focus, ducked his head into the blanket until only his hair was sticking out of the top.

He groaned to himself and Vi shifted in his arms, clawing her way up past his face and out the top of the roll of blankets. The purple imp climbed her way on top of the drowsy heap, curling into a ball and steadily watching the room’s other occupants. 

Back beneath the blankets, Bo was trying to clear his head and finding it more difficult than he would have liked. A layer of fog had brewed in his mind, muffling the pain in his head into a dull ache that seemed itching to crawl out of his skull. He remembered most of what had happened the night before, mostly bits and pieces, but what he did remember he hoped was inaccurate.

Never mind the assface who seemed to have survived fainting, how the hell was he supposed to face Alex again after that? No, better to stay in the blankets. They knew he was awake, but it didn’t mean he had to talk to either of them.

Success! The mudkip has given the squishy fire life with his frozen all-cure remedy! It will live! AAAHH YES! Praise your savior and god with scratches! Worship the divine mudkip and he shall grant you mercy!

"Well, the blood does give everything a nice red hue. Much more charming for guests than the dull purple~" Jake chimed out in clear mocking of any stuck-up snobs in Lochesh. Honestly, he could care less what the curtains looked like as long as they effectively blocked the sun from waking him up.

"Ah, sounds like someone is a morning person." Jake turned his head towards the bed and glared at the mound of blankets. No, he wasn’t the least bit happy with that kid for everything he’s done. Why Bo can’t just forgive and forget, he likely won’t even learn considering what a shithead the boy was. Just keep playing nice.. if that’s still possible.

"How’s your ear?"


OH yeah, Bo had calmed down… Or… Had he? She still had no idea if the thing really had passed or if this was just calm before another storm.  She moved her fingers up until they found the mans cheek, still a bit cold from the blood loss but getting better.

“Heh, he’s… He’s surprisingly strong for such a scrawny kid”, Alex shrugged, maybe trying to lighten the mood a bit? Se knew it wouldn’t help, though. Her knee reminded her body of it’s existence with constant aching although her nose was slowly numbing into something tolerable. “I thought I could easily just, you know, flip him over and carry him.. But in the end I needed Shiva to help me.” The memory of the moment resurfaced in her mind and she let out a sigh.

“Bo hates him. Probably cause of what happened that one night with-” remembering what had went on with Thomas, she decided it was maybe not the best thing to bring up with Jake right now. “And that.. Man. That Tuvel guy. I’ll get back at him for what he did, somehow..” The last sentence faded into being almost impossible to hear. At this point, Alex finally noticed the little infant pokemon trying t climb up her neck. Giving off the tiniest chuckle, she picked the Mudkip up with one hand and gave it’s snout a little tickle before setting it down on her shirt.

“I don’t see why you’d want to climb onto me but there you go.”

"Yeah…" Jake sighed. That ‘fun’ night when he realized how much that whole fiasco cost him. He didn’t like the idea of Alex going after Matthias, especially considering what the man could do.. Although when it came down to it he wouldn’t be able to stop her. The only one on his side that could do anything wa-… Kip what are you doing?

Kip tried to fend of the tentacle that came out of no where to attack him and when he succeeded he spurted out a few pride-filled yips. Bouncing up and down on Alex’s chest, soon the mudkip noticed the squishy fire’s face and gasped. Squishy fire was hurt! Kip moved back slightly, getting a running start and proceeded to dash up Alex’s chest to make the jump to her face but falling oh.. a little short.

Kip managed to get his feet over Alex’s mouth and clung to the bottom lip while his rear fell back on her neck again. Another another yip the mudkip spewed out an ice ball, landing a hole-in-one into the Altonian’s mouth and giving a squeaky roar of triumph! He helped the squishy fire’s face! His ice shall heal the afflicted! All hail the mudkip god and his healing powers!

Jake covered his mouth a moment watching the mudfish bounce around on his girlfriend until he couldn’t take it anymore and let out a small laugh.


Alex bit her lip and tried figuring how to put it. “Um.. Not.. THAT kind of non-straight thinking, I think.. More like.. He was really upset. And just kinda lashed out by reflex, I guess.”

Yeah, Jake wasn’t going to beat up anyone. He’d be lucky if he’d be able to sit up by the evening without fainting the same second. Some of the blood should’ve already regenerated… But it’d take a long time for it all to come back without a transfusion. And taking in how much he hated doctors and hospitals, that wasn’t likely to happen.

“Yeah I..” Glancing down at her jeans, Alex nodded, giving the ice bag to Kai to hold onto. “I’ll do that.. In, uh, just a moment..” The real reason why she hadn’t already gotten up was cause her knee felt like it was glued into one position. Slowly, she managed to get up and picking a spare pair of jeans and a t-shirt from her bag, half-limped half-hopped to the bathroom and shut the door.

The warm water felt good on the skin, but along with cleaning off the blood, it also revealed which ‘stains’ were blood and which were actual bruises. After pulling on the clean clothes and trying to somewhat wash the old ones, leaving them to hang dry in the bathroom, the altonian walked back to the room and took the pillow Bo’d thrown onto the floor earlier. Lying on her back next to Jake, she rubbed her temples, speaking in a quiet tone.

“I’d rather you didn’t actually try to kiss the bruise though… I think it’s fractured cause it sure hurts like hell.”

"Just joking.." Jake chuckled, giving Alex a small smile. He bent his head over, lightly pressing it to the side of Alex’s and giving a concerned hum. "At least Bo’s calmed down now. Sorry that you had to come down here like this… I was going to tell you, just wanted to wait until Bo could get around on his own."

It wasn’t really his fault any of it happened.. Bo was the one giving the imp orders. Thought, arguably, it wasn’t Bo’s fault Vi lashed out like that. Hopefully when Bo finally woke up he would have realized his own mistakes and would stop being such a little shithead to Jake. So far.. Jake’s patience trying to be nice with the kid was starting to run dry. Especially when he almost looses a hand for trying.

Kip, who had been previously sleeping curled up beside Jake’s neck, awoke with a squeak to find another body close to Jake’s. What was this? Kip waddled over to Alex’s side drowsily and poked her with a paw. It was squishy.. squishy.. Kip looked up at Alex’s hair. Squishy fire…? OH! Squishy fire! Jake’s kiss friend!

Kip let out a happy yip, running up quickly to Alex’s head and jumping up on her neck. Wait… too high! Kip clung to the side of Alex’s neck, struggling to get on top and wiggling his rear back and forth with the attempts.

One Twin, Two Twin, Big Jerk, New Friend~


Fluffy looked over just in time to see his newest friend being snatched up by Jake. 

“Hey!” He barked and trotted over to the trouble maker’s feet. ” Put his back on the ground or so help me!”

“That’s quite enough, Fluffy.” Abel furrowed his brow. Honestly, he acts like Jake’s killed a man or something. ” I don’t mind. As long as Reginald is comfy.” The twin leaned down and picked up his bags. 

“Yes, I’m finished. Shall we?” Abel grinned.

Reggy’s blind eyes widened when he felt Jake’s hands lift him off the ground. He was about to protest when he felt overly comfortable in the man’s arms. He could get used to this. Reggy squeaked in joy and snuggled closer to Jake. 

Such a viciously pathetic little runt that zorua was. Jake was keen to kick the thing if it wouldn’t upset Abel. Like he really wanted that kid crying on him again.

Kip hopped back into the scarf, getting comfortably secured and ready for a trip. Reggy seemed just as comfortable; Jake even gave the drilbur a small pat on the head when it seemed content in his arms. Honestly, the wobbly creature would slow them down if it tried to follow on foot.

"Right. Do you know where he is? Roughly?" This better not be some completely random search. ‘He’s in the woods’. Well, there are a lot of ‘woods’ in Lochesh. That pretty much makes up 95% of Lochesh.

One Twin, Two Twin, Big Jerk, New Friend~


Fluffy scoffed at Jake’s description of his little lizard thing. Reggy, on the other hand, looked slightly impressed that the little pokemon could land a hit on Fluffy when he was transformed. The drilbur watched carefully as Jake’s hand approached him. It was slow and even gentle looking. 

Fluffy was too busy shaking off the last of the water to notice, so Reggy wobbled over to Jake. (He wasn’t the best at walking on his hind legs. He liked traveling underground a lot better.) The drilbur sniffed Jake’s hand and squeaked a greeting. Oh! It’s the little one. Reggy took Kip’s foot with a clawed hand, careful not to hurt it. 

“Hello!” He yipped.

"Kip! Kip!" The mudkip squeaked back in return. Not like he could say much else. Since the drilbur seemed comfortable enough Jake wrapped his hands carefully around the creature and lifted him up. Was a cute little thing, even if it belonged to the twins, but hopefully Kip wouldn’t get too attached to it.

"So," Jake turned his attention to Abel, the dilbur cradled in his arms. "Are you ready to go or do you have anything else to get?" The sooner Jake helped find Cain the sooner he could just bolt and leave Abel with him. Sent the twin to Gabriel, sent the twin to his real home, but still the annoying brat crawled back to him in his amnesia delusions that they were "friends".

If this keeps up he might just bash Abel into another coma and hope he gets his memory.

Good news~! I’m back and must apologize.
One Twin, Two Twin, Big Jerk, New Friend~


Fluffy glared at Jake through his Illusion. This guy seemed completely unfazed by his snarling illusion. Eden was the scariest zoroark Fluffy had ever seen and Jake didn’t even care, smiled even. That made his blood boil even more. He stood up and crouched, ready to pounce, when a jet of water splashed him in the face throwing off his concentration and dissolving the illusion.

“What the?” He growled a tad embarrassed. Fluffy looked up and finally noticed the little critter on Jake’s shoulder. That’s new. The zorua stood up and sniffed the air. Is that an infant? Fluffy let out a growl.

“What the hell is that?” He scoffed. Was this some kind of snack for his real pokemon?

Jake covered his mouth, visibly hiding the chuckle that came from his mouth at seeing the soaked zorua on the ground. Oh, Kip would definitely be getting a treat for that one.

"Oh, Kip is my main fighter. Makes tyranitars run in fear at the very sight of him. I’d say you got off lucky, runt." Jake scoffed, looking over towards the dilbur and giving a more genuine smile. Yes, eventually he’d grow to hate the creature since it worked under Abel, clearly, but he had to admit the thing looked cute.

Jake walked over towards Reggy, crouching down and holding out his hand calmly to show he meant no harm. Kip understood this gesture, instantly recognizing the clawed rodent as ‘friend’. With a friendly yip the mudkip mimicked it’s trainer, holding out a forefoot towards the drilbur with a wide smile over his face.